Why Choose Chris

A Law Firm that Cares for You

At Prusaski-Law, P.A., attorney Chris Prusaski cares for his clients as much as he cares for his friends and family. Chris started his own law firm after spending more than two decades at large firms representing big companies, because he wanted to use his experience advising and representing individuals and small businesses and building close professional relationships with those clients.

Prusaski-Law is a solo practice without big firm bureaucracy, overhead, and billing. You can always communicate directly with Chris. Charges for legal services are fair and reasonable. Chris apprises you of every significant change in your case immediately. You never wait long for Chris to respond to your email or telephone call.

A Lawyer with a Client-Focused Approach

Communicating often with clients is an important habit that Chris developed early in his law practice. He never ends the day without returning all emails and phone messages from clients. He wants clients to know that he is their go-to attorney for any legal questions or concerns.

Chris is always honest and candid with you. He patiently answers all your questions. He sits down with you and explores every available option and course of action. As a result, when you, as the client, make the decision how to proceed (or not), it will be an intelligent, analytical decision that is best for you or your business.

Chris Prusaski is not an attorney who parachutes in, deals with a problem, and then disappears. He develops a strong relationship with his clients. They know they can call him anytime. And they know he is always there to help with any legal concern they have.

Contact Attorney Chris Prusaski

If you would like assistance with a legal matter, concern, or case, please contact Chris Prusaski by calling (561) 310-6680 or using the online contact form. Prusaski-Law helps clients in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.