General Legal Services

Prusaski-Law, P.A. helps individual and small business clients with a wide range of general legal issues, including business formation and estate planning.

Business Formation

Chris Prusaski assists clients with determining which type of corporate entity to form when starting a new business. Each type of business entity has pros and cons, including tax implications (which should also be discussed with an accountant or other tax professional). Chris drafts the documents necessary to establish a business, such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, shareholder agreements, and stock forms. He also guides you through the requirements of making management decisions, both with and without the formality of meetings, as required by law.

Having a business attorney who knows the operations and goals of your business is essential. Chris provides general legal advice to help your business grow and to avoid legal problems in the future. He also helps you navigate the process of keeping your business legally up to date with annual filings and conducting annual meetings, as necessary.

For information about other legal services Prusaski-Law provides for small businesses, please visit the business law page.

Estate Planning

Chris Prusaski believes that helping you and your family achieve peace of mind about your future through estate planning is incredibly important. Whether you and your family have significant assets or not, you should have an estate plan. Many people put off estate planning for different reasons, which can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones.

If you have avoided estate planning because the subject makes you uncomfortable, please consider calling Chris Prusaski and having this crucial discussion. Chris can explain your estate planning options, including a last will and testament, living trust, and medical and financial powers of attorney.

General Legal Advice

If you have a general legal question or concern, please do not hesitate to call or email Prusaski-Law. Having an attorney on board early to provide advice and guidance is critical in any legal matter, whether actual or potential. Even if you have a smaller matter, such as notarization or preparation of a deed or a short contract, Chris Prusaski welcomes your inquiry. If he is unable to assist you, he will put you in touch with the right attorney or other professional, depending on your needs.

Contact Attorney Chris Prusaski

If you would like assistance with a business matter, estate planning, or a general legal concern, please contact Chris Prusaski by calling (561) 310-6680 or using the online contact form. Prusaski-Law helps clients in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.