Real Estate & Title Services

Prusaski-Law, P.A. assists clients with a wide range of real estate matters, including title insurance, closings, contract review, landlord-tenant matters, and real estate litigation.

Title Insurance

Chris Prusaski works with underwriters to issue title insurance commitments and policies. Title insurance is an agreement by the insurer to indemnify against damage or loss due to a defect in title on a parcel of property, which is typically purchased at the time of a real estate closing. Title insurance mitigates risks prior to a property transfer, after a careful examination of the public records and property surveys. In that way, it is different from most types of insurance policies, which protect against unforeseen future events, like fire, theft, or injury.

Real Estate Closings

Chris represents buyers and sellers in real property transactions, both residential and commercial. In addition to acting as title insurance agent, he acts as a closing agent for the sale of property. If your property purchase involves a loan, he reviews or drafts loan documents, negotiates lending terms, and performs settlement services to facilitate loan closings.


There are several types of deeds in Florida. Chris helps you determine which type of deed is right for your particular needs in the transfer of real property.

Real Estate Contract Review

If you have questions or concerns about the language of a real estate purchase and sale agreement, Chris answers your questions and guides you through the purchase and sale process. He also explains your rights and obligations under the agreement.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Chris has significant experience in landlord-tenant law. He drafts leases, negotiates lease terms, and handles disputes between landlords and tenants, both residential and commercial.

Real Estate Litigation

Chris handles a wide variety of civil litigation matters for clients, including residential and commercial real estate claims. He has experience representing landlords, tenants, sellers, and buyers in contract-related disputes and land use claims. His previous cases include evictions, easement claims, trespass, nuisance, and specific performance matters, as well as other types of real estate issues. If your tenant is not paying rent, Chris protects your interests under Florida’s eviction statute and commences an action for eviction and past due rent.

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If you would like assistance with a real estate matter, please contact Chris Prusaski by calling (561) 310-6680 or using the online contact form. Prusaski-Law helps clients in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.