Civil Litigation

Prusaski-Law, P.A. provides aggressive representation in civil litigation for clients in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida. Chris Prusaski applies more than two decades of experience as a litigator to assist clients with potential or actual court actions. His core values include diligence, candor, communication, and an absolute commitment to the best outcome available to the client.

A Seasoned Litigator

Chris provides clients with personal attention backed by skills honed at large law firms. His experience includes litigating complex commercial and business law matters to jury and non-jury trials in both state and federal courts for more than 20 years. He represented clients in hundreds of mediations and litigated dozens of arbitrations before various boards, including the American Arbitration Association.

Litigation is expensive, stressful, and unpredictable. The vast majority of lawsuits settle prior to trial. If litigation can be avoided without compromising the client’s rights, disputes should be settled to avoid the filing of a lawsuit or arbitration. Chris’ experience includes negotiating the settlement of countless cases, whether by communicating directly with opposing counsel or through alternative dispute resolution, like mediation. However, if a matter cannot be successfully resolved through settlement, Chris is a fearless advocate who prosecutes or defends the case through trial.

The Litigation Process

Civil litigation involves representing individuals and corporate entities (corporate entities must be represented by an attorney in court in Florida) in prosecuting or defending a case in court or in arbitration, when damages or other penalties are sought. Representation by an experienced litigation attorney through this often lengthy process is essential.

The litigation process usually includes extensive written discovery, depositions, and court hearings prior to trial. One party may choose to appeal a decision made by a court prior to trial or appeal the ultimate trial verdict. A lawsuit may take several years from the initial filing to the time of trial. Appeals can lengthen the process. Having a diligent, experienced attorney communicating with you every step of the way is key to success in any type of lawsuit.

Just because you file a lawsuit or have to defend yourself or your business in a lawsuit does not mean that a long, protracted litigation is unavoidable. Most lawsuits settle prior to trial, mainly due to the cost of litigation and the unpredictability of a trial verdict and possible subsequent appeals. In some cases, a client's best interests are better served by a negotiated settlement, whether through the attorneys or with the assistance of a mediator.

The client is the ultimate decision maker in a case. Throughout a case, Chris Prusaski analyzes and discusses every available option, which ensures that the client’s decision about how to proceed is the best decision for the client and their interests.

Representative Cases

Chris Prusaski has extensive experience prosecuting and defending all types of business and personal claims, including:

  • Breach of contract and contract enforcement
  • Creditor’s rights and collections
  • Insurance claims
  • Business disputes
  • Defamation (libel and slander)
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Real property easement, license, and trespass claims
  • Specific performance of real estate contracts
  • Eviction and damages for unpaid rent
  • Homeowner / condominium association disputes
  • Construction law and lien claims
  • Class action defense
  • Personal injury
  • Premises liability
  • Negligence
  • Intentional torts
  • Employment disputes
  • Small claims matters

Contact Attorney Chris Prusaski

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